Global Customer Relationship Management

The CRM Platform assists YOU to achieve above-average sales growth in the export markets in the short term.

Goal:                Market development with Innovation Norway

Duration:       8-12 weeks

Outcome:       Customer specific Sales measures 

Coaching:       Team Coaching 

Approach:       Framework with 4 Steps

Price:                     Free Platform for the Innovation Norway Initiative 

The main goal of the Global CRM Platform is to achieve above-average sales growth in the export markets in the short term.

The short term means within two years, whereby the implementation starts after only 12 weeks. Above-average means that at the beginning of the project an idea hurdle, for example of 50%, is defined.

Projects carried out so far have shown a real result of 15-40% increase in sales. In terms of methodology, the Digital Exporting Project is primarily carried out through virtual involvement of the export organization. This successful approach is based on the fact that the export representative / customer team has the most intense market proximity of all business units. This statement is not sensational, but only a few companies use this fact systematically. The digital exporting project will virtually bring together the market and technology knowledge of product management and export organization to increase the company's marketing orientation.

The platform workflow is organized in the form of virtual teamwork in four defined modules:

The groups of participants involved in the Digital Exporting Project are: 1) Export representative 2) Sales manager 3) Central team 4) Steering Committee

The central team leads the project and has the following tasks: 1) Work out the initial situation and objectives 2) Presentation of the project 3) Training for all involved 4) Management of the virtual team meetings 5) Monitoring and complying with the rules 6) Tracking and implementing measures 7) Preparation of the steering committee meeting 8) Report to the Steering Committee Status of the project Realization status Overarching questions 9) Transfer of data to CRM 10) Evaluation of the project data

Get Started: Kick-OFF Meeting

Understand the Growth Strategy based on the Company Mission

STRATEGY A: Where to Play ?

Develop the Export Choices based on Customer and Competition Insights

STRATEGY B: How to Play?

Develop the Export Choices based on Customer and Competition Insights

Module 1: Explore the Market

The export organization formally compiles detailed information relevant to the more than 30 target export markets together about each individual current and potential customer according to coordinated and proven data analysis

To determine the direction in strategically defined areas, the start of a digital exporting project requires a diagnosis of the initial situation. A procedure in three stages has proven itself. Analysis of market and technology development Definition of strategically different export areas Development of competitive profiles for individual segments to identify the main starting points for increasing sales

Module 2: Find ideas

In this module, the question is worked out: "What must the company and I do to increase sales in my export area by x%" The export representatives / customer teams are the best experts in the areas,

Based on the customer information collected in step 1, the export representative / customer team must now try to develop ideas for increasing sales. The following three rules apply: In order not only to get everyday, but also unusual ideas, the export representative / customer team is given a challenging idea hurdle with a sales increase rate of 50% of the base year or 20% potential for new customers. Not only does it succeed in increasing the number of unusual ideas, but overall, the number of ideas that can be realized also increases. So that new customers can be built up slowly, a period of two years is given as a deadline for the feasibility of the ideas. Although the 50% sales / 20% potential thinking barrier is required by all export representatives / customer teams, different feasibilities are accepted due to different starting conditions

Module 3: Evaluate Ideas

In this third module, the employees, together with the central team, evaluate the sales increase proposals based on clearly defined decision rules, whether they can be implemented immediately as an "A" idea, asl "B" ideas still need further clarification, or "C" ideas to edit.

In step 3, the ideas developed by the export representative / customer team are evaluated together with the export sales manager with regard to their feasibility and converted into suggestions for measures to the central team. Idea evaluation The ideas are discussed between the export representative / customer team and the export sales manager and evaluated together in A, B or C. The evaluation is noted on sheet 3 in the corresponding column. A ideas are those that appear feasible without approval from the center or coordination and meet three criteria: a) economical, b) limited risk C) feasible within two years B ideas are those whose feasibility cannot be finally decided at the time of the evaluation because the approval of the head office has to be available or because a coordination seems advisable or necessary. B-ideas become either A-ideas or C-ideas, C ideas are those that are worth discussing, but appear unrealistic under the circumstances because they are are uneconomical according to cost / benefit considerations cannot be realized within a time horizon of two years violate the market structure, so the total damage outweighs the benefits in individual cases.

Module 4: Realization

With the fourth component, the export representative / customer team begins with the realization of the "A" ideas. At the same time, the central team begins to process the "B" ideas virally using the corresponding corporate functions.

Define customer local strategies In step 4, the export sales manager and the central team coordinate customers / location strategies based on the most comprehensive objective information possible, in accordance with certain project rules. Information base The basis of information for the coordination of customers / local strategies are: The goals of the branch The completed customer information about each individual customer and potential customer The sales growth ideas of the export representative / customer team rated A and B.

Platform Workflow

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    • Recycling Problem Solution

    • German Connection

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    • Explore & Capture the Export Market

    • Forming Virtual Teams

    • Deep Dive Learning: Forming and Leading Virtual Teams

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    • Digital Business Development

    • Why developing an International Launch Strategy?

    • How to Develop Your Growth Strategy

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    Module 1: Explore Markets

    • Market Research US View

    • Your Learning Guide

    • Step 1 : Explore the Market

    • Step2: Deep Dive Learning-Explore Export markets

    • Step 3a. Self-Reflection Quiz

    • 3b: Online Workshop - Teams

    • Step 4: Explore the Market

    • 5a: Team Project -Online Feedback & Coaching

    • 5b: Digital Project Review Survey

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    Module 2: Finding Ideas

    • Design Thinking Ideation

    • Your learning guide

    • Step 1 : Finding Ideas

    • Step 2: Deep Dive Learning: Finding Industrie 4.0 Revenue Ideas

    • Step 3a. Self-Reflection Quiz

    • Step 3b: Online Workshop - Teams

    • Step 4: Finding ideas

    • Step 5a: Team Project -Online Feedback & Coaching

    • Step 5b: Digital Project Review Survey

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    Module 3: Evaluate Ideas

    • Risk Management of Projects-Introduction

    • Your Learning Guide

    • Step 1a: Evaluate Ideas

    • Step 1b: Risk Management of projects

    • Step 2: Deep Dive learning: Project Portfolio

    • Step 3a. Self-Reflection Quiz

    • Step 3b: Online Workshop - Teams

    • Step 4: Evaluate Ideas

    • 5a: Team Project -Online Feedback & Coaching

    • Step 5b: Digital Project Review Survey

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    Module 4: Realization

    • Market share vs. Customer Share

    • Your learning guide

    • Step 1 : Framing the local Digital Export Strategies

    • Step 2: Deep Dive Customer Strategies-CRM

    • 3a. Self-Reflection Quiz

    • 3b: Online Workshop - Teams

    • Step4: Local Digital Export Strategies

    • Step 5a: Team Project -Online Feedback & Coaching

    • Step 5b: Before you go...

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