The Management Platform assists YOU to generate Leads & Meetings.

Goal:                Customer development to meet Leads & Meetings Targets

Duration:       4-8 weeks

Outcome:        Messge-Market-Fit  

Approach:       Framework with #3 Steps

Coaching:    4 Workshops 

Sponsor:         Innovation Norway

Investment:     € 2000  Special Offer (no additional extras) 

The Investment Covers: 

vSelf-Service:  Training  Platform for Customer Devlopment Process

vIdentify: Selection of Your Target Customers

vTargeting: Aligning Your Target Customer Needs with Your Messaging

vMedia: Reaching Target Customer wit<h the right messaging over the right media

vLead Management: Generating Leads and Meetings

vLocate & Connect: Providing  access to market knowledge and industry network of 8000 Companies in one online Workshop to identify Target customers

vHands-on: Development and implementation of the customer onboarding plan for the German-speaking (D-A-CH) markets
vCoaching :  Implementation of the Customer Development Plan with 4 online workshops 

The Fast Path to new Customers

The Norwegian Customer Onboarding System For Capturing The Market Potential-Easy & Fast

We developed the Digital Customer Onboarding Solution with Norwegian Companies who wanted to win new Customers in Germany

The Digital Exporter From Norway : Smarter, Leaner and faster

How can we select and access customers in Germany ?

Together with Innovation Norway we have access to a substantial network and market potential in the German Industrial Sector.

Capturing the Market Potential with the 1-Page Customer Onboarding Plan

The 1-Page Onboarding Plan has been a marketing implementation breakthrough

Very few of them ever carried through with it. Why? Because creating a onboarding plan was a complex, laborious process that most business managers simply won’t do.

#2 Major Activities: A) Message-Market Fit- B) Scaling Lead Pipeline And Shorten Deal Cycle

Getting Leads in 3-4 Weeks for capturing your sales potential in short deal cycles

Focus on delivery of weekly results in virtual Teams

Orchestrating Customer Onboarding with a Digital Platform

All #6 Steps of customer onboarding content is structured in such a way that what has been learned can be put into practice immediately

The Customer Onboarding System is designed so you can plan and implement your personalized Go-Market Strategy & Tactics for Your Business. First you get the Concept for all #6 Steps to turn a Target Prospect into a Customer and than you can make a link to your own Company for planning & implementation..

Benefits For The Norwegian Exporters

  • MORE REVENUE: Doubling the Win-rate and cut Sales-cycle in Half by easy onboarding

  • NO-EXTRA COSTS: Savings on Travel and Hotel Expense, no external Consultants needed

  • SAVING TIME: The right information on-demand saves time , more time for family

  • ALWAYS & EVERYWHERE: Enabling Employees work with proven frameworks and provide on-demand help regardless of time and place.

  • PRACTICAL: All #6 Steps of customer onboarding content is structured in such a way that what has been learned can be put into practice immediately.

  • SCALEABLE: Suitable for every Company size , Industry and Region. Cloud-based Platform connects many User

  • INCREASE COMPANY VALUE: The German Lead Pipeline increses the Value of the Company

  • STAY HEALTY:100% Digital avoids serious infections

  • ENABLING VIRTAL TEAMS: Ensure delivery of Results, Team cohesion and individual growth by easy Collaboration

  • ATTRACTING TALENTS: International Businesses experience is highly motivating for new Talents

Watch Intro Video

Innovation Norway: Welcome to Digital Exporting

The E-Learning Advantage to drive international revenue growth with Industrie 4.0™ Technologies

German Customer Onboarding worked for Norwegian Companies

Our Up-skilling Experience in Digital Business Developoment Skills

Platform Workflow

Capture Your International Potential

  • 2


    • The 1-Page Customer Development Planning

    • The 1-Page Customer Development Planning -Downloads

    • 1-Page Marketing Plan: The Book

  • 3


    • Virtual Customer Development Team and Agile Work

    • Virtual Team and Agile Work - Download

    • Forming Virtual Teams

    • Remote Work: Introduction

    • Remote Work: Digital Tools

    • Remote Work; Productivity

    • Remote Work; Productivity Challenges

    • Remote Teams: Leading Productivity

    • Remote Work; Trust

    • Remote Work: Cognitive swift trust

    • Remote Work: Emotional Trust

    • Remote Work: Mutual Knowledge and Social Presence

    • Deep Dive Learning: Forming and Leading Virtual Teams

    • Mastering Digital Exporting: Full Program

  • 4


    • Attend The MasterClass

    • Defining Your Growth Strategy

    • Diagnosing your Growth Potential-Guide

    • Build the Value Proposition

    • Go-to-Market Strategy & Tactics

    • Remote Sales Presentation

    • Implement the Customer Development with Agile Sprints

    • Agile Team WorkSpace-Trello

    • Go to Your Agile WorkSpace

  • 5


    • The Message-Market Fit Introduction

    • The Message-Media-Market Fit : Introduction Downloads

  • 6


    • Define Target Market

    • Define Your Target Market - Downloads

    • Analyse Your Solution

    • Analyse Your Solution Downloads

    • Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

    • Your Ideal Customer Profile - Downloads

    • Your Key Competition

    • Your Key Competition-Download

    • Find Your First #5 Target Customer

    • German Target Customers Search

  • 7


    • Branding

    • Branding - Download

    • First Impression Content

    • First Impression Content - Download

    • Build Your Value Proposition

    • Build Your Value Proposition - Download

    • Craft Your 1-Pager

    • Craft Your One Pager - Download

    • Company Blogs/Teaser - Links

    • Ideal Customer UsesCase

    • Ideal Customer UsesCase: Download

    • Website/Landing Page

    • Direct Response E-Mail

    • Direct Response E-Mail Downloads

    • How to craft a Winning Message

    • Crafting the Sales Copy & Message Examples

  • 8


    • Select Media

    • Select media-Download

    • Draft Your Message-Market Fit Strategy

    • Draft Your Message-Market Fit Strategy -Downloads

    • Finding Messaging/Market Fit

    • Digital Marketing

    • Digital Marketing - Download

    • Why Digital matter

    • Digital Tools for Remote Work

    • Why digital matters to you

    • SEO

    • Understand User Experience

    • Use of Digital Analytics

    • The Digital Marketing Blog

    • Dotcom-secret workbook

  • 9


    • The Fast Deal-Cycle: Introduction

    • The Message-Media-Market Fit : Introduction Download

  • 10


    • Prospecting: Capture and Scale Leads with Push and Pull

    • Prospecting: How to Capture Your Leads with Push & Pull Template-Downloads

    • Pull Lead Magnet-Example

    • Pull Lead magnet Example-Download

    • Run Outbound E-Mail Campaigns

    • Run Outbound E-Mail Campaigns - Downloads

    • Understanding Leads: Example

    • Message Market Fit Validation

    • Market Fit Validation-Download

    • Responding to Customer Feeback

    • Responding to Customer Feeback - Downloads

    • Prioritization of Leads

    • Prioritization of Leads. Downloads

    • The Media Traffic Secrets to get Leads

  • 11


    • Manage Meeting Appointments

    • Manage Meeting Appointments - Downloads

    • Meeting Management : Online Booking

    • Opportunity Assessment

    • Opportunity Assessment - Downloads

    • Solution Training Case Studies

    • Solution Training Webinar

    • Solution Learning: Smart Factories / Industrie 4.0

    • Solution Learning:Smart, connected Products / IIOT

    • Solution Training : Circular Economy / Innovation

    • Solution Training: Digital Leadership / Entrpreneurship

    • The Digital Expert Secrets

  • 12


    • Sales Conversation

    • Sales Conversation Templates

    • How to close a deal- video

    • Closing Sales Frameworks

  • 13


    • German Market Growth Program

    • German Market Growth Program - Download

The Customer Onboarding Plan Implementation : Phase 1

Selecting your target market is a crucial first step in the onboarding process.

Doing so will ensure your onboarding message resonates better, which in turn will make your onboarding far more effective. By focusing on the right target market for your business, you’ll be able to get a better return on the time, money and energy you invest. To be a successful you need laser-like focus on a narrow target market, sometimes called a niche. Targeting a tight niche allows you to become a big fish in a small pond. It allows you to dominate a category or geography in a way that is impossible by being general.

The Customer Onboarding Plan Implementation : Phase 2

When you confuse them, you lose them. Good onboarding takes the prospect through a journey that covers the problem, the solution and, finally, the gain/pain proof.

Marketing messages are boring, timid and ineffective. To stand out from the crowd, you need to craft a compelling message that grabs the attention of your target market. Once you have their attention, the goal of your message is to compel them to respond. You need to be clear about what they should do next and what they will get in return. Direct response marketing focuses heavily on the needs, thoughts, and emotions of the reference/target customer The two questions you must ask yourself and answer are: Why should they buy? Why should they buy from me? What is the unique advantage you are offering? Good Onboarding, especially direct response messaging, is always customer and problem/solution focused,

The Customer Onboarding Plan Implementation: Phase 3

Media is the vehicle that you use to send your message to your target market; for example, radio, direct mail, telemarketing, Internet, TV and so on

Communication media is the vehicle you’ll use to reach your target market and communicate your message. It’s typically the most expensive component of your customer onboarding , so it needs to be selected and managed carefully to ensure you get a good return on investment (ROI). Response rates will vary dramatically depending on factors such as how relevant the message is to the target market, how compelling the offer is. Rather than “getting your name out there,” you’ll fare much better by concentrating on getting the name of your prospects in here. Lifetime value and customer acquisition cost are two of the key numbers you need to know to measure marketing effectiveness.

The Customer Onboarding Plan Implementation: Phase 4

Capturing leads in a database system for future follow-up is critical to your onboarding success.

This is because only a very small percentage of interested leads may be ready to purchase from you immediately. Lead capture is all about properly handling interest and building your future sales pipeline. When your interested leads respond, you put them in your follow-up database so that you can build value for them, position yourself as an authority and create a relationship built on trust. Building infrastructure—a system whereby a cold lead enters one end, and a raving fan customer comes out the other. All other things being equal, the more money you can spend onboarding high-probability prospects, the better your chances are of converting them to a customer.

Customer Onboarding Plan Implementation: Phase 5

Nurturing leads is the process of taking people from being vaguely interested in what you have to offer to desiring it and wanting to do business with you.

The lead nurturing process ensures that leads are interested, motivated, qualified and predisposed to buying from you before you ever try to sell to them Immediately after you’ve captured a lead, they should go into your system, where repeated contacts are made over time. You build a relationship, giving them value in advance of them buying anything from you, building trust and demonstrating authority in your field of expertise in the process.

The Customer Onboarding Plan Implementation: Phase 6

Sales conversion is all about creating enough trust and demonstrating enough value to motivate interested leads to become paying customers.

Positioning yourself correctly will make the sales conversion process easy and natural for both you and your customer. With trust being the major barrier to a sale, you’ve got to have some solid strategies for sales conversion. Invite Them to Try before They Buy By the time you get prospects to the point of sales conversion, they should already be pre-framed, pre-motivated and pre-interested and essentially asking to buy from you.

Professional Certificate Course

Career-relevant: Designed to build or advance skills for specific career/ Skill-Based: In-demand skills and actionable knowledge needed for today`s job/Short in Length: On average a week to complete

Dr. Paul Gromball: Course Lead

I help employees and managers use Digital Technologies to generate business outcomes like productivity, sales and innovation

Management (CEO) and Consulting Experience (McKinsey) of more than 30 years in developing and implementing strategic, operational and organizational performance improvements at global enterprises and medium-sized businesses. Working expertise in a variety of management areas including, strategy, sales-and marketing, cost-reduction, supply chain management, manufacturing (MES), sourcing, IT management,reorganization and M&A/ post merger integration. Focus oncompanies of the Process-Industry (pharmaceuticals, chemistry, steel),Assembly-Industry (automotive, automotive-supplier, engineering,electronics) Consumer Goods (food, clothing, household appliances) and Services (logistics, airlines)