The modeling and automation of digital business processes is referred to as business process management. In practice, BPM is used when existing processes are to be strategically improved and documented or implemented as completely new organizational processes. The combined application of the methods of IT, organization and management is the basic requirement for a successful implementation of the standard software solutions used for this purpose. The aim is the optimal use f information technologies to achieve business goals.


Basics of business informatics - Modeling of digital business processes with BPMN - System and application development - Competences for the implementation of software solutions in projects

Dr. Paul Gromball: Program Lead

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Management (CEO) , Consulting (McKinsey) and Learning Experience (MIT, Harvard) of more than 30 years in developing and implementing strategic, operational and organizational performance improvements at global enterprises and medium-sized businesses. Working expertise in a variety of management areas including, strategy, sales-and marketing, cost-reduction, supply chain management, manufacturing (MES), sourcing, IT management,reorganization and M&A/ post merger integration. Focus oncompanies of the Process-Industry (pharmaceuticals, chemistry, steel),Assembly-Industry (automotive, automotive-supplier, engineering,electronics) Consumer Goods (food, clothing, household appliances) and Services (logistics, airlines)