Recover Sales from the COVID-19 Crisis

While COVID-19 continues to disrupt the global economy, it’s also continuing to force remarkable innovation across different industries.


Doubling Your Sales in 30 Days...

Duration:       4 weeks / 6h per week

Outcome:       Recovery from COVID-19 

Coaching:       Group Coaching

Approach:      E-learning Framework with 4 Steps

Value: €4299

Your Special Price: €1987

The COVID-19 Recovery Program address the Challenge of European SMEs: Lower Revenues And a Bleak Outlook

The vast majority of European SMEs surveyed by McKinsey have seen revenues fall

Italian and Spanish SMEs have been hardest hit: 30 percent and 33 percent, respectively, said their revenues had been greatly reduced. That compares with 23 percent in Germany

Learning How to Close the Topline Growth Gap of Your Company

Close the Growth Gap by Qualifying, You and Your Team to Remove The Existing Barriers with Digital Technology You Already Have

COVID-19 Recovery Program

  • 1

    Introduction to the COVID-19 Recovery Program

    • Book your online coaching session for free

    • Implementation Lab Introduction

  • 2

    Coaching Session 1: Analyze Your Growth Potential

    • The Best Practice Case Study Presentation

    • Diagnosing your Growth Potential-Guide

    • Diagnosing your Growth Potential-Assignment Templates

    • Defining your Digital Exporting Market-Guide

    • Defining your Digital Exporting Market-Templates

  • 3

    Coaching Session 2: Plan Your Growth Strategy & Execution

    • Crafting Your Growth Strategy

    • Evaluate the Impact of Digital on your Company

    • Identify your Role in the emergent Industry Value Net

    • Transfer your Business Role into the Digital Business Model

    • Specify your Digital Exporting Program

  • 4

    Coaching Session 3: Digital Marketing

    • The Impact of Digital on Product

    • The impact of digital on value proposition

    • Changing of Marketing Technology

  • 5

    Coaching Session 4: Remote Selling

    • Remote Sales Presentation

    • Remote Sales Deep Dive

    • Remote Sales Assignment

  • 6

    Next Steps

    • Resources

Our Parners forCOVID-19 Recovering Program

We Aggregate Their Latest Research Results Into Digital Learning Solutions to help you addressing Your Growth Challenges & Barriers..

The COVID-19 Recovery Program is For:

  • Specifically manufacturing companies from all industrial sectors experiencing a decline in sales due to recent developments

  • Companies which feel the need to strengthen their digital competence in order to establish robust exports

  • Companies who want to set up individual customer meetings in their market of interest

What do you get?


    Understand the secrets of choosing the best Growth Strategy


    Discover how to plan the growth strategy and the execution


    Learn how to achieve Results with digital marketing and remote selling

How we collaborate

Combining Microsoft Teams with mydigitalindustry platformcreats the online coaching workspace

Up-Skilling Your Virtual Team

E-Training for Guiding you from the current situation to the desired Results by providing you a 4-step mental map to drive your Growth Process With Digital Projects

We support professionals and companies in implementing their digital growth projects by qualifying key talent specifically for co-creating growth solutions. We use practical knowledge that we tailor to the needs of professionals in their daily work. We develop our comprehensive learning offer together with renowned industry experts and institutions. Our focus is on Companies and their key talent of the global assembly and process industry to achieve their revenue goals by qualifying their key people with self-service e-learning and coaching base on our 4-step learning framework..
Getting Results With The Tailored E-Learning & E-Consulting Framework

Dr. Paul Gromball: Program Lead

I help you to achieve your business growth goal without hiring consultants by enabling you and your team with tailored self-service knowledge and skills. E-Mail:

Management (CEO) , Consulting (McKinsey) and Learning Experience (MIT, Harvard) of more than 30 years in developing and implementing strategic, operational and organizational performance improvements at global enterprises and medium-sized businesses. Working expertise in a variety of management areas including, strategy, sales-and marketing, cost-reduction, supply chain management, manufacturing (MES), sourcing, IT management,reorganization and M&A/ post merger integration. Focus oncompanies of the Process-Industry (pharmaceuticals, chemistry, steel),Assembly-Industry (automotive, automotive-supplier, engineering,electronics) Consumer Goods (food, clothing, household appliances) and Services (logistics, airlines)