The New Digital Power for Small-and-Midsize Enterprises in Global Markets

Get Startet: Preparation


Kick-OFF Meeting

Understand the Growth Strategy based on the Company Mission


Develop the Export Choices based on Customer and Competition Insights


Build the Global/Local Value Network


Leverage Data-driven Decision Making to achieve your growth targets

The #5 Step E-Learning Path

  • 1


    • Alumina Systems image video

    • Alumina Systems Website

    • Alumina SystemsWeb Shop

    • The D2C Strategy Framework

    • D2C Role Model Video

    • D2C Role Model Website

    • Forming Virtual Teams

    • Deep Dive Learning: Forming and Leading Virtual Teams

  • 2


    • Why developing an International Launch Strategy?

    • Download the Launch Strategy

    • How great leaders inspire actions

    • Why vs. Vision

    • Deep Dive Learning: Leading in the Digital Age

  • 3


    • Strategy Delivery Plan

  • 4

    Strategy 1: How to develop a winning Country Business Model

    • Deleivery 1: The Country Business Model

    • Delivery Templates Download

    • The traditional Value Chain

    • Defining the Value Network

    • Value Network Disruption

    • Value Network Technologies

    • Value Network Formation

    • Business Roles Introduction

    • Transfer Business Role into Digital Business Model

    • Collaborative Joint Vision of the Business #Model

    • Designing Minimal Viable Product

    • Offering Automation

    • Deep Dive Learning: Value Network

  • 5

    Strategy 2: Country Customers: Needs Analysis

    • Delivery 2: The Country Customer Analysis

    • Delivery Templates Download

    • Job to be done

    • Job-to-be done Outline

    • The Job-to-Be Done Growth Strategy

    • Deep Dive Learning: Customer Relationship Management

  • 6

    Strategy 3: Country Competition: Strengths/Weakness

    • Delivery 3: The Country Competitors Analysis

    • Delivery Templates Download

    • How to Do a Competitive Analysis

    • Industry Structure Audit

    • Competitive Advantage

    • Competitive Positioning

    • Deep Dive Learning: Strategic Management

  • 7

    Strategy 4: Applying the D2C Secret Formula

    • Delivery 4: Application of the D2C Secret Formular

    • Delivery Template Download

    • DotCom Secrets

  • 8

    Strategy 5: Country Distribution Strategy

    • Delivery 5: The Country Channels

    • Delivery Templates Download

    • Distribution Strategy

    • Channel of Distribution

    • Deep Dive Learning: Remote Selling

  • 9

    Strategy 6: Crafting the Export Country Strategy

    • Delivery 6: Finding Your Country Niche: The localized Digital Market Strategy

    • DeliveryTemplates Download

    • Why Digital matter

    • Why digital matters to you

    • Online Marketing Value Proposition

    • What do we mean by product?

    • Extended products

    • Deep Dive Learning: Strategy Excecution

  • 10


    • Strategy Execution Tasks & Roles

  • 11

    Execution 1: Select & Integrate Local Market Function

    • Delivery 1: Role of the Local Market Function

    • Download Template Delivery 1

    • Global and Local Value Creation

  • 12

    Execution 2: What is the local focus of the International Webshop ?

    • How to prepare your international Webshop

    • Hacking best in Class WebStores

    • Selection of international shopsystems

    • Certification of Webshops

  • 13

    Execution 3: Country specific Digital Marketing set-up

    • SEO

    • Understand User Experience

    • Who are you online?

    • The persona and its journey

    • Who are the competitors?

    • Localized Digital Marketing

    • Localized Product Management

    • Deep Dive Learning: Digital Marketing

  • 14

    Execution 5: Digital Selling & Offering

    • Quick Win Direct Offering

    • Digital Offering Case Study

  • 15


    • Internatiional Supply Chain Management

    • Supply Chain relocation

  • 16

    Execution 6: Digital Fabrication:The Industrie 4.0 Delta on the Supply Chain

    • What is Digital Fabrication ?

    • Smart Textiles & Microfactories

    • Local Textile Micro-Factory

    • The Technology Delta Analysis

    • Deep Dive Learning: Circular Economy Innovation

  • 17


    • Introduction

    • Analytics in Fashion

    • Opinion vs. Big Data

    • Defining Analytics Areas

    • Types of Analytics

    • Use of Analytics

    • SME Knowledge Management & Decision Making

    • Deep Dive Learning: Data- Analytics for Results

    • #6Skills to achieve results in the Global Business Cycle

Dr. Paul Gromball: Your Program Guide

I help you to achieve your business growth goal without hiring consultants by enabling you and your team with tailored self-service knowledge and skills. Mail:

Management (CEO) , Consulting (McKinsey) and Learning Experience (MIT, Harvard) of more than 30 years in developing and implementing strategic, operational and organizational performance improvements at global enterprises and medium-sized businesses. Working expertise in a variety of management areas including, strategy, sales-and marketing, cost-reduction, supply chain management, manufacturing (MES), sourcing, IT management,reorganization and M&A/ post merger integration. Focus oncompanies of the Process-Industry (pharmaceuticals, chemistry, steel),Assembly-Industry (automotive, automotive-supplier, engineering,electronics) Consumer Goods (food, clothing, household appliances) and Services (logistics, airlines)