Situation today

Medium-sized companies need to solve complex problems quickly in the digital age in order to remain competitive *Agile solutions for technological challenges are becoming the core competence of medium-sized companies in the digital age.

Defining Problem solving

Problem solving is decision making when there is complexity and uncertainty that rules out obvious answers and where there are consequences that make to work to get good answers worth it

As organizations seek to become clever and agile to address this new world, they take on the persona of problem solving organizations—a drive to be working on the right problems, addressing root causes, engaging teams around short duration work plans, and allocating responsibilities and timelines with accountability. Over the course of our careers, we have seen the focus of organizational capability aspirations shift through distinct eras: from strategy to execution to complex problem solving.


* Complex problem analysis and a systematic approach are crucial core competencies of the 21st century for SMEs * SMEs need to effectively identify and analyze problems and develop solutions to meet the demands of the dynamic digital age


* An AI consultant as-a-service offers medium-sized companies tailor-made support and real-time problem solving through artificial intelligence. * The AI consultant helps companies to identify challenges, find effective solutions and position themselves for the future.

Efficiently determine the best solution by using our innovative thought processes and algorithms

Core competencies of the AI consultant * Problem analysis: Recognizing structure,complexity and causes. * Creative decomposition: Divide complex problems into alternative solutions. *Systematic approach: Iterative approach to the best solution and convincing communication.

Benefits of AI as-a-Service for midsize businesses

*Fast and effective problem solving: AI consultants deliver real-time solutions for improved efficiency and just-in-time capabilities *Cost efficiency: Access to the expertise of AI consultants without high investments in internal resources *Flexibility and scalability: Adaptable service that adapts to your specific needs *Competitive advantage: Use AI technologies to differentiate yourself from the competition with just-in-time skills *Coaching on-demand: online workshops and project support on reques

Identifying Use Cases: 4 Types of Problem Solving

1) Troubleshooting: Quickly identify and fix errors in your processes or products 2) Closing performance gaps: analyzing and diagnosing root causes and implementing improvement actions 3) Continuous improvement: Redesigning and optimizing your business processes for sustainable growth 4) Innovation: Developinginnovative solutions and leveraging AI for new business opportunities inproducts, processes, management, business model

The emergence of the AI network for joint innovation solutions has had a significant impact on organizations.

This collaborative platform brings together diverse experts, including AI specialists, researchers, and industry professionals, to collectively tackle complex challenges and drive innovation forward.

By leveraging the power of AI and collective intelligence, organizations can tap into a vast pool of knowledge and expertise, leading to more comprehensive problem-solving and the generation of groundbreaking ideas. The AI network fosters collaboration, encourages knowledge-sharing, and enables organizations to access innovative solutions that may have been out of reach individually. This transformative approach to innovation empowers organizations to stay competitive, adapt to changing market dynamics, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

The AI-Consulting-as-a-Service Training Program

  • 1


    • Introduction to Your Ai-Tutor-lecture

    • Introduction to Your Ai-Tutor-lecture Notes

    • New Bing ChatGPT | How to Use New Bing with ChatGPT from Microsoft Edge Sidebar

  • 2


    • AI Innovation-as-a-Service Lecture

    • AI Innovation-as-a-Service Lecture Notes

    • Innovation in Global Markets Lecture

    • Innovation in Global Markets Lecture Notes

  • 3


    • Data + AI Summit Keynote

    • Problem Solving with AI: Lecture

    • Problem Solving with AI: Lecture Notes

    • Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders

  • 4


    • Problem Statement with Prompt Engineering-Lecture

    • Problem Statement with Prompt Engineering-Lecture Notes

    • What's Your Problem?

  • 5


    • AI Use Case : AI Capability Assessment -Lecture

    • AI Use Case Real-Time : AI Capability Assessment -Lecture notes

    • AI Revolution: Exploring Tree of Thoughts Prompt Engineering.

  • 6


    • Bulletproof Problem Solving: The One Skill That Changes Everything

    • Solving Complex Problems: 4S Model

    • Learn how to do effective Problem Solving from an ex Mckinsey Consultant

    • Critical Thinking Skills: A Process for Better Problem Solving and Decision Making

    • New Rules for Innovators | Navjot Singh, McKinsey

  • 7


    • Four Types of Problems-Webinar

    • Type 4 Problem-Solving: The Design Thinking Process -

  • 8


    • Artificial Intelligence is Here : How AI is transforming the economy

    • Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of AI |

    • Power and Prediction: The Disruptive Economics of Artificial Intelligence

    • Artificial Intelligence is Here | 7: AI, machine learning, and foreign policy

    • From Large Language Models to General Artificial Intelligence? -

    • Artificial Intelligence Full Course in 10 Hours

    • Harvard CS50’s Artificial Intelligence with Python – Full University Course

    • The Risks and Rewards of AGI

    • Breaking Down Today’s Technology Topics for the Non-IT Executive

    • A Crash Course in Generative AI

    • ChatGPT Full Course For 2023 |

    • AI-Books

    • Power and prediction: The disruptive economics of artificial intelligence


Strategies for Transforming Organizations into High-Performance, AI-Powered Value-Creation Networks with Humans in the Center

The Future of Leadership: Blending Human and Artificial Intelligence" is a book that explores the importance of embracing the synergy between human and machine intelligence in the digital age. The book provides strategies for transforming organizations into high-performance, AI-powered teams that prioritize the ethical and responsible use of AI. In today's fast-paced digital world, knowledge is a crucial asset for individuals and businesses alike. The ability to access, organize, and utilize information efficiently can make the difference between success and failure. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) technology comes in, providing a powerful tool for boosting knowledge efficiency. The authors emphasize the importance of creating a culture of innovation that values collaboration and continuous learning, and they provide insights into the social and ethical implications of AI leadership. Ultimately, the book offers practical advice for leaders who want to leverage the potential of AI to enhance organizational performance and drive value creation, while keeping humans at the center of the process.

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Introducing Partha Ghosh

Partha S. Ghosh is a true global citizen. He is a policy advisor and a strategist for Corporates and Governments.

He is known worldwide as an innovator of Business and Economic models and currently enjoys advisory relationships with multiple organizations in more than half a dozen nations. Earlier Mr. Ghosh was a partner at McKinsey & Company and is the founder/Managing director of Strategy/Policy advisory firm Partha S. Ghosh & Associates. He has also chaired several start-ups such as Boston Analytics, Global-Online and Intersoft Japan. He has two advanced Engineering (MS) and Management (MBA) degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He did his undergraduate work at Indian Institute of Technology.

Dr. Paul Gromball: Program Lead

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Management (CEO) , Consulting (McKinsey) and Learning Experience (MIT, Harvard) of more than 30 years in developing and implementing strategic, operational and organizational performance improvements at global enterprises and medium-sized businesses. Working expertise in a variety of management areas including, strategy, sales-and marketing, cost-reduction, supply chain management, manufacturing (MES), sourcing, IT management,reorganization and M&A/ post merger integration. Focus oncompanies of the Process-Industry (pharmaceuticals, chemistry, steel),Assembly-Industry (automotive, automotive-supplier, engineering,electronics) Consumer Goods (food, clothing, household appliances) and Services (logistics, airlines)