AI Opportunity Segments encompass two distinct waves, each contributing to the evolution of artificial intelligence.

In the first wave, termed "Everyday-Automation," AI is harnessed to enhance productivity in routine tasks. This involves streamlining and automating everyday processes to improve efficiency and reduce human effort. In the second wave, known as "Game-Changing Augmentation," AI takes on a transformative role by focusing on creativity. This phase goes beyond routine automation and explores how AI can augment human capabilities, particularly in areas requiring innovative thinking and problem-solving. Game-changing AI aims to empower individuals and organizations to unlock new possibilities and drive creative advancements in various domains. Together, these waves represent a spectrum of opportunities where AI can be leveraged to address both operational needs and catalyze groundbreaking transformations.


AI transcends mere automation and ventures into realms of creativity.

In the landscape of artificial intelligence, Wave 2 emerges as a transformative force, representing a paradigm shift from routine automation to creative exploration. During this phase, AI goes beyond the confines of mundane tasks and steps into uncharted territories of creativity. Rather than simply executing predefined instructions, Wave 2 AI systems showcase the ability to ideate, innovate, and contribute to problem-solving in dynamic and novel ways. This transformative force paves the way for a future where artificial intelligence becomes a catalyst for imaginative thinking, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible.


Generative AI for problem-solving represents a cutting-edge approach that allows organizations to tackle complex issues with the sophistication of top-tier management consultants.

By harnessing the power of Generative AI, companies can delve into intricate problems and derive innovative solutions. This technology not only analyzes vast datasets at a rapid pace but also generates insights and recommendations akin to those provided by experienced management consultants. The application of Generative AI in problem-solving empowers organizations to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and elevate their strategic initiatives, mimicking the caliber of solutions expected from seasoned top management consultants.


The S5 Algorithm stands as a powerful tool to achieve business goals through a dynamic and adaptive approach.

First and foremost, its foundation lies in dynamic learning, enabling continuous adaptation to new prompts, insights, and evolving scenarios. This ensures that the algorithm remains attuned to the ever-changing business landscape. Secondly, the S5 Algorithm focuses on the optimization of predictions, effectively discerning and recommending the best actions to achieve specific goals. This facet contributes to the efficiency and efficacy of decision-making processes. Finally, the algorithm excels in specific goal achievement, making it particularly well-suited for situations where clear and targeted objectives need to be met. The S5 Algorithm thus emerges as a versatile and robust tool in the pursuit of business success and strategic accomplishment.


The AI Consulting Factory stands at the forefront of providing tailor-made business solutions, leveraging the prowess of artificial intelligence to address unique and complex challenges.

In a landscape where customization is key, this innovative platform excels in crafting strategies and solutions that precisely align with the distinctive needs of each client. What sets the AI Consulting Factory apart is its exceptional predictive accuracy, surpassing the capabilities of standalone models like GPT-4. This heightened accuracy empowers the platform to tackle intricate problem-solving scenarios, ensuring that businesses receive not only personalized but also highly effective and efficient solutions. As a result, the AI Consulting Factory emerges as a game-changer in the realm of business consultancy, offering unparalleled insights and strategies tailored for success.


The Personal Consultant (PC) redefines user experience with its intuitive design, ensuring effortless access and user-friendly interactions.

The platform is engineered for ease of use, allowing individuals to navigate and harness its capabilities without unnecessary complexity. One distinctive feature is the intelligent prompting mechanism that provides users with multiple perspectives. This functionality goes beyond traditional prompts, offering a system view that encompasses predictions, optimal solutions, and strategic decisions. The PC, equipped with advanced algorithms, generates prompts that consider various angles and insights, enhancing the depth and breadth of decision-making. At the heart of the PC experience is the application of the 5S Problem-Solving & Decision Process. This structured approach involves five key steps: Sense (Discovery): Immerse in the challenge through observation and engagement. State (Define): Clearly articulate the problem and potential solutions. Structure: Organize and structure the identified solutions. Solve: Identify and implement the best solution. Sell (Communicate): Convey the chosen solution convincingly. By combining an intuitive user interface, intelligent prompting, and a robust problem-solving framework, the PC experience ensures that users can effortlessly navigate complex scenarios, make informed decisions, and drive strategic initiatives with confidence.


in the pursuit of an optimal solution, the AI-driven process involves creatively identifying a spectrum of potential solutions.

This step encompasses a comprehensive exploration of various alternatives, fostering a dynamic approach to problem-solving. Once these possibilities are generated, the focus shifts to the optimization of predictions, aiming to pinpoint the most effective actions that align with the desired goal. This two-fold process ensures not only a diverse range of potential solutions but also a meticulous analysis to identify and implement the best course of action, ultimately contributing to the achievement of strategic objectives with precision and efficiency.


On-demand personalized problem solutions offer an innovative approach that aims to specifically address individual challenges

This approach involves continuously scanning the horizon for changes in order to react early to new developments and trends. By analyzing megatrends, comprehensive insights into higher-level developments are gained, which serve as the basis for personalized solutions. The development of multiple scenarios makes it possible to take different future paths into account and adapt strategies flexibly. This personalized, on-demand approach is characterized by its adaptability and proactive focus to solve individual problems effectively and in a targeted manner. Sign i to your Personal Consultant


AI problem solving in co-working sprints relies on decoupling human judgment and AI predictions to generate innovative solutions.

This approach makes it possible to optimally utilize the strengths of both components. The S5 Model of Problem Solving and Innovation acts as a guide for this process. The first step, “Sense,” involves discovering challenges through immersion, observation, and engagement. In the second step, "State", you define the solution to the problem. The solutions are then structured in the “Structure” step. In the fourth step, “Solve”, the best solution is found. Finally, in the “Sell” step, the solution is convincingly communicated. This iterative approach makes it possible to address problems creatively in a short time and to implement innovative ideas efficiently.


In the on-demand innovation program, consisting of #8 sprints, strategic processes are defined to effectively address challenges

In the first step, “Strategic Framing”, search fields are defined and prioritized based on strategic inputs. This forms the basis for the following steps. The “problem posing” step focuses on exploring the problem space and discovering unresolved problems. Building on this, “concept ideation” occurs, in which solution concepts are generated to address the identified problems. In the “concept creation” step, these solution concepts are prioritized, checked for plausibility and a comprehensive validation strategy is developed. The subsequent steps include “concept validation” and “incubation,” where a repeatable sales process is created and validated to bridge the gap between early adopters and mass-market customers. The “Scaling/Development” focuses on developing the offering and organization for the mass market, while the final step “Operations” involves the continuous introduction of the product to market. Field data is collected to continuously improve the product and meet market requirements.


The AI Consulting Factory drives innovation by leveraging the transformative power of second wave AI to transform how business strategies and innovations are implemented

Our goal is to deliver competitive solutions and revolutionize the way companies think and act. We rely on a unique concept: combining the best know-how from top management consultants with generative AI for on-demand innovations. In this way, we think and act differently to help companies successfully implement their innovation projects with co-working programs.

Dr. Paul Gromball: Program Lead

Dr. Paul Gromball is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing strategic, operational, and organizational improvements for global enterprises and medium-sized businesses.

Dr. Paul Gromball's educational background includes a Masters & PhD degree in Computer Science & Economics from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, and a Master's degree in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Business School in the United States.He has a proven track record in strategy, sales and marketing, supply chain management, IT management, reorganization, and M&A/post-merger integration. Dr. Gromball began his career as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company before moving on to leadership roles in digital companies, where he leveraged AI-enabled workforce to drive growth and profitability. He has deep expertise in the process, assembly, consumer goods, and services industries. As CEO of a digital company, he focused on implementing AI into existing processes to drive efficiency and productivity. Dr. Gromball is a strategic thinker and strong communicator, able to translate complex challenges into actionable plans and build consensus among stakeholders.